Colorful Flowers

Irish flowers locally grown with nature in mind and changing with the seasons.

Environmentally conscious from seed to vase - grown here, not flown here



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Flowers also available through Neighbourfood Tullamore.

Treat yourself or a loved one to some of our “feel good flowers.” All our flowers are farmed or foraged in Ireland, most coming directly from our nature friendly flower beds. Zero airmiles, chemical free, sustainably grown with supporting our bees and wildlife in mind.

Thank you for supporting your local farmers. Feel free to check out our current harvest and see what products are now for sale.


Why Local Flowers?

Bee on Flower

Caring for your flowers

Colorful Flowers

Caring for your plants

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Purple Flowers

About Conicker Farm

Conicker Farm is a mixed dairy, beef and tillage farm in the historic and picturesque town land of Durrow near Tullamore.

We work to high quality standards certified by Bord Bia and driven by our own passion for the farm. We believe we are custodians of the land, working and maintaining it for the next generation.

We are a family enterprise working on bringing additional products to market during 2019 and hope to supply seasonal cut and edible flowers, herbs and honey locally during the year.

Flower Market

Local, seasonal and fresh produce

We are currently growing seasonal cut and edible flowers which we will be selling locally from June 2019. We will also have a limited supply of raw Irish honey from August 2019.

We will keep the website updated with details of where we will be selling produce and would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in buying from us. 

Butterfly on Branch

Wildlife friendly

We choose flowers and herbs to grow that will benefit pollinators and wildlife. Some of our flowers include borage, phacelia, yarrow, cornflowers, cosmos and sunflowers.

One third of our growing area will be managed for biodiversity and we will be actively creating wildlife habitats as our business grow and our growing area increases.

Field of Chrysanthemums

Environmentally conscious

When choosing our locally grown Irish flowers you are reducing your carbon footprint by bringing home chemical free blooms which have not been flown half way across the world to reach you.

We are committed to eliminating single use plastic in our business, our blooms will have biodegradable paper wrapping so you will not be bringing plastic into your own home either. 

Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb

 Local raw honey

The honey produced by the bees on our farm will not be processed or heated in anyway. It will reach you just as nature intended -  sweet, delicious and full of goodness!

We keep native Irish Honeybees - known as black bees - which forage on our flowers, hedgerows and pastureland.