Colorful Flowers

Caring for your flowers

Every bunch of flowers we supply is a slice of our flower field. It is still living and developing.

Our bunches will have been in water until you buy them, so after your journey home:

(1) Remove kraft paper wrapping – this and the tape can go straight into your recycling, the flax twine can go into your compost or brown bin

(2) Dissolve a teaspoon of sugar in lukewarm water and add to the vase

(3) Snip the bottom of the stems and arrange as required

(4) Change the sugar solution frequently for best results – daily or every two days

Some of the blooms will be already be fully open for immediate impact but others will be still in bud to develop later. So when you bring them home so treat your bunch like a mini garden – as some of the open flowers fade deadhead them to allow others to come to the fore.

As our flowers are naturally grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides  or preservatives they can be safely composted after use.

Many of the flowers we use can also be dried – in fact some like Dahlias, for example can be dehydrated simply by leaving them in the vase, others like cornflowers or yarrow can be hung to dry.

Your mixed bunch should easily last a week and hopefully longer! Enjoy!