• Fiona Ferguson

Free to (build) a good home

There are a range of materials in your home or nearby that can be put out to help birds building nests.

I use our washing line and peg small pieces of material up. You could also repurpose a feeder and fill it with material or lay materials out in piles on the ground. The birds will find them.

Make sure that you don’t put out anything - like plastic mesh - that the birds might become entangled in.

Some material you could leave out includes:

- Straw

- Pet hair

- Moss

- Small sticks

- Shedded paper

- Short pieces of twine

One thing you should never put out for nesting birds is lint from your dryer. It seems like the perfect soft material but it is too processed and will disintegrate if it gets wet. Bad news for the birds living there!

There is also the possibility that it could contain chemicals from the wash.

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